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The BHS is proud to have supplied background photos for the 2010 film "Burlesque," starring Christina Aguilera and Cher.

Burlesque Legendary Stars of the Stage

The book is now available at Amazon.com or for $29.95 + postage at BearManor Media

“BURLESQUE: Legendary Stars of the Stage,” – the 2nd Edition; 2011.

They were temptresses of tease, specialists in seduction, and experts at twirling their tassels. They were comics in outlandish garb, straight men and women working the scenes, singers with perfect pitch, and yes, even acrobats got into the act. Yet no matter what their role, burlesque performers took their cues from their predecessors who worked the various vaudeville and variety show stages; and they strove to maintain a high level of artistry and professionalism in the face of change and controversy in the industry. Remembering the time when burlesque was a larger theatrical arena including chorus lines, live music, and comedy, BURLESQUE: Legendary Stars of the Stage captures the spirit of this unique art form through hundreds of photographs, interviews, and stories.

Author Jane Briggeman is the founder of “The Golden Days of Burlesque Historical Society,” whose mission is to unite former stage performers and promote the story of their craft. Spurred by the deaths of some of burlesque’s greatest names, this book highlights the careers of selected artists and their contributions to the art form. This second edition of the original IPPY Award winning book from 2004 includes updates and bonus chapters, as well as hundreds of additional photographs.



"BURLESQUE: Legendary Stars of the Stage," won the 2005 Gold IPPY Award & the 2004 Gold Award for Foreword Book of the Year. "BURLESQUE: A Living History," published by BearManor Media won the 2010 Bronze IPPY award.

Burlesque: A Living History

Join the journey; discover burlesque when it was part of a larger theatrical world filled with dance, comedy, and live music. Burlesque: A Living History, captures the spirit of this unique art form through hundreds of photographs and stories from many who were a part of America's most colorful past.

This book highlights the careers and contributions of selected artists-many of whom were the nuts and bolts of burlesque. It also acknowledges just some of the young performers of today who are diligently working to remember the days of old

When burlesque theatres and clubs went dark, a whole world went dark with them. This book is a journey to preserve just some of the history and memories of those who worked on a variety of those burlesque stages.

Just $29.95 + postage at the link below.
BearManor Media

“BURLESQUE: A Living History” is now available as an Audio Book.

All three books are available at Amazon.com

OOne final burlesque book is being written, which will also be published by BearManor Meda!

Burlesque Comedy Blackouts

Typically, comedy skits performed on the burlesque stage were handed down from one generation to the next. Comics, straight men, and talking women who performed in these scenes usually learned them from others by word of mouth. The material was frequently changed to best fit the local theatre, the audience, or even the situation. BURLESQUE: A Collection of Comedy Blackouts, helps us to remember just some of these routines. Whatever you want to call them; skits, scenes, routines, bits, or blackouts--if you like comedy from legendary burlesque, this is a book for you!

Just $21.95 + postage at the link below.
BearManor Media



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