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"The Golden Days of Burlesque Historical Society” will not now, or EVER, hand out any burlesque performers address or more personal information. If you want to contact one of our members, a letter will be forwarded on for you. BUT you must enclose a Large Self Addressed Stamped Envelope and a $1 forwarding fee to help with time and costs. It is up to each and every individual performer if they chose to respond to your letter or not. The Burlesque Historical Society will do nothing but forward your letter on. Nor can the Burlesque Historical Society respond to every question asked without some help from you, the fans of old time burlesque.

Please remember that! If it’s important enough to ask, send a LSASE and a donation to help the group survive. Send an email if you are looking for specific performers. BUT BE PATIENT. Everything takes time and I will respond as soon as it is possible for me to do so.

REMEMBER, if you do not follow these simple instructions your letter will not reach its destination, nor be answered! Thank you for your help and consideration…

Dick RichardsWe are always looking for those who worked the many stages of burlesque…those who worked in burlesque BY OR BEFORE the year 1965. It’s hard to find people when all you know is their stage name, for example, “Kina Bare.” So if you yourself are an old performer, or you know someone who was, please contact “The Golden Days of Burlesque Historical Society.” It’s important to preserve as much of this history as possible before it’s too late. With each passing year, we lose more and more of the old time performers. We are also always looking for burlesque material to add to our archives. Donations are always appreciated!

Thank You


Email: contact@burlesquehistory.com

Mailing Address:

Jane Briggeman, 532 Chase Blvd. #1 Sun Prairie, WI 53590


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